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Looking for natural images that feel like real life, without paying at the "fine Art Photographer Tax" ?

We understand the struggle to be within certain budget. the desire for beautiful pictures and video to remember your day and the hustle to find the perfect photographer into a sea of options, that's why we are here to help you.



We are the most affordable wedding photographer and videographer in Vancouver, Canada with unbeatable price and incredible quality. We want to provide you with value and affordability.

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Great prices and incredible quality.

SOS Weddings is the most affordable Vancouver wedding photographer and wedding videographer.


Wedding photography and videography are expensive – we know, that's why SOS Weddings exist. To offer the best wedding videography / photography at rates that anyone can afford.

So if you're in a budget but still want and need beautiful wedding photos and videos.


SOS Weddings are here to help. Reserve your date today!

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